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  First introduced in 1989, ETFs are similar to index funds, but unlike index funds, ETFs can be bought and sold throughout the day on the stock exchange.   Motivations for a Bitcoin ETF The S-1 filing describes shares of the ETF to be Easily Accessible and Cost Efficient.  Anyone with access to a brokerage account will be able to purchase shares or exercise other investment strategies made available by the brokerage. Updated: December 13, 2017 9:59 AM ET | Originally published: December 5, 2017 The headline and text of this story have been updated to clarify an estimate of how many Bitcoin billionaires could exist bitcoin investors twins.   Bitcoins can currently be bought on exchanges and through companies like Coinbase, but typically, set-up is required that requires the linking of a bank account and some level of identity verification. (Nasdaq:FB), from which they were awarded $20 million in cash and $45 million in Facebook stock in February 2008. One of those three billion-dollar addresses is explicitly stated to be an account held by Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex.   The Winklevoss ETF will allow people with a brokerage account to invest in Bitcoin without having to worry about the challenges of buying, storing, and safekeeping bitcoin.

The rep noted that it’s likely most of these addresses are owned by exchanges or hedge funds. The price of Bitcoin has been soaring—up 150% in the past three months alone, and now approaching an all-time high of $12,000—apparently creating at least one new set of Bitcoin billionaires. The latter is taking a different regulatory approach that does not require approval from the SEC, and has projected a launch in the fourth quarter of 2014. BitInfoCharts’ data also shows more than 100 addresses with at least $100,000,000 in Bitcoin—meaning the number of Bitcoin billionaires could increase even further so long as the price continues to rise. It may be inaccurate to call them billionaires, plural. The Bottom Line The Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust, originally proposed to the SEC on July 1, 2013, is currently working its way toward regulatory approval.  For a one-time fee, consumers can purchase bitcoin on Coinbase bitcoin investors twins. And at least one site pointed out that, strictly speaking, the Winklevoss twins are only collectively worth $1 billion, not worth $1 billion each.

The holders of the other two are unknown. But could there be more such billionaires out there. “It only takes a little over 100,000 Bitcoins to get to a $1 billion,” CoinDesk’s Baurle said in an email to MONEY.BridgeCoin.
. Background on the Winklevoss Twins The Winklevoss twins, Cameron and Tyler, gained notoriety through their lawsuit against the Menlo Park, Calif. dollars for the top three (by volume) qualified Bitcoin Exchanges during the previous two-hour period using a volume-weighted exponential moving average. .Civic.NEO.

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The Winklevoss twins have said they might think about selling when the value of all Bitcoin in circulation is on par with all the gold in the world.
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13/12/2017 · A Bitcoin expert thinks there are lots more Bitcoin billionaires out there than just the Winklevoss brothers.

28/01/2015 · There's a trillion reasons why the Winklevoss twins are in love with Bitcoin. The brothers, known for their legal battle with Facebook (FB) founder Mark ...
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What fueled the cryptocurrency craze, why Wall Street is joining the party, and whether the Bitcoin bubble will pop.


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This is not a problem with Bitcoin, but with the infrastructure (exchanges, hot wallets etc.) built on top of it. This is like claiming that gold is worthless because ...
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